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Black Lives Matter

AbleDocs recognizes the impact of systemic racism, violence and police brutality against the Black community, including Black people with disabilities. The disability rights movement is inseparable from the human rights movements for racial, economic, and gender equity. We recognize that we need to take an intersectional approach to change by centering the experiences of Black people with disabilities in the ongoing fight for equality. Accessibility is rooted in the firm belief that all people are diverse and equal. They deserve respect, dignity, and liberty. As long as racism exists in systems and institutions, we will fail to achieve of the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for which we strive. Black people, including Black people with disabilities, will continue to be disenfranchised by racist institutions and actions. But we cannot stop at pointing a finger at the wrongdoing of others. That is why we are committed to making all documents related to the Black Lives Matter movement accessible, and for free. Thank you for supporting Black Lives Matter by choosing to make your documents accessible to everyone. This ADService Gateway has been created to ensure all documents that help educate and inform people about equality and the Movement are accessible to everyone. All documents will be returned to you accessible and compliant with all local standards and laws. This site is a secured gateway for uploading your documents to be made accessible.

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